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Hello world!

I bought my new domain name and rented my webserver, Weasel, on the 1st of July, and here I am now with a functioning website that I’ll be able to easily update, extend, and use as a portfolio. I kinda decided to use HUGO last-minute, so I’ve spent a lot of the past few days learning it. (As well as learning lots of HTML and CSS, which I was only cursorily famiiar with before.)

It’s very exciting to have a “home on the web”. The personal website really seems to have fallen out of favour in recent years, and I think that’s a damn shame- so this is me doing my part to turn the tables! (Take that, facebook!)

Anyway, I’m too excited to upload my little weekend project to keep writing any longer. See you in the next post! -wyvy

hello world! | 2022-07-05

A post marking the inauguration of this website.

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