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I finally got around to adding a lot of my old stuff! I might add some more with time, but there’s now a large enough selection to make this website more entertaining to browse. (Previously the only posts on here were “hello world!", “a poem about spring”, “mandrill”, “poached lobster / lovely apricot”, and “virtualpet”.)

Oh, and I made a simple page navigation bar which sits at the top and bottom of list pages now. It literally just lists every “page of pages” at the moment, so if I ever end up with 100s of posts on this website i’ll have to revise it, but that’s a problem for future Wyvy.

I also made the thumbnails enlarge when mousing over them with a cursor, which is really nice for quickly viewing them at a larger resolution without having to visit a whole new page.

The tags page now has a new look instead of the same style as other list pages. it’s just a huge mass of phrases, but that works for my purposes. Maybe someday i’ll find a way to sort them by the number of items tagged with each tag. I’m also going to be adding little blurbs to some /tags/ pages, like /tags/hagx, to give extra information about the tag.

And finally, there’s also an RSS feed! i’m pretty new to RSS though, and I’ve never even used an RSS feed reader before, so it’ll probably change in the future. I think it’s pulling “links” page items from this site in addition to writing and art right now. If you’re seeing this and you use RSS yourself and have any advice i’d love to hear it. -wyvy

update: 1.1.0 | 2022-07-14

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